Daily habits that make you healthier

Being healthy is no longer a regularity. In modern world a majority of population fights with some sort of health issues. A lot of us spend most of the day in closed building with artificial lighting and in front of the computer. And after a whole day at work there is a sweet comeback home to sit in front of the TV.

What if there were some habits that when incorporated to daily routine help to improve health. Remeber health is not only a state of the body but also the mind. So, you can be fit, have a great blood work results but feel constantly tired. That’s also an issue.

Here is what you can do to make your life simply better:

  1. Read a book.
    It doesn’t have to be a book it can be a comics or anything else that allows you to relax. Just don’t do it on your laptop/PC. Kindle is fine though,( as long as you have the right settings) Reading is amazing because it allows the brain to relax and re-set a little bit. It is also good for the eyes. When reading a book eyes can finally get some rest from the constant exposure to blue light from smartphones, tablets and all the rest.
    Try to dedicate at least 15 min every day to read your favorite story. You will be amazed at how it can improve your health and mood.

2. Go outside

I know that going outside when it’s raining or snowing or when the weather is just bad doesn’t seem like the best idea ever. But trust me there is something refreshing in spending some time outside. My favourite way to get out there is to take a walk or play with my dog. Ideally, at least an hour a day, but not every single day do I have time to simply walk for an hour. However, I make sure that I go for at least a short walk every day. It is a great way to spend some time with the closest ones. And let the body and min rest from the daily stress. Walking and spending time outside is also good for the cardiovascular system and might be a simple way to create a calorie deficit and lose some unwanted weight.

3. Remember about the water
When you get busy it may be very easy to forget about everything around you. So always keep a bottle of water somewhere around you. It is quite common in society to be dehydrated. And when you get a bit dehydrated your performance (mental and physical) drops. The same thing can happened with your mood. If you go without water for a bit longer you may even get a bit of a headache. So remember to Stay Hydrated!

4. Move your body
This is one is very important. With the average amount of time spent in a sitting position, the body is screaming for some movement. It doesn’t have to be strength training (although it wouldn’t hurt you to go to the gym). Do what makes you feel good whether it’s swimming, running, martial arts, gymnastics, pole dance, you name it. The acute hormonal changes induced by physical effort are actually beneficial for you. That’s why after a hard workout you usually feel happy and satisfied.

5. Fuel your body

And I don’t mean eating a huge amount of junk food. Fuel your body with micronutrient dense food. Go for greens, fruits, rice, beans, beets, lentils and so on. These are the healthiest food on the planet. If you get at least a portion of them in every meal your energy levels and your current health status is very likely to improve. And you will have more willpower to endure the daily tasks

6. Drink some coffee/tea
Actually both of these beverages have been shown to have a positive influence on health status. So, if you feel like you may benefit from a cup of tea or coffee, or you just enjoy having one of them in the morning then by all means go for it! Just don’t overdo it -don’t drink more than 5 cups a day.

And that is pretty much it! When added to a daily routine these six things can help you get healthier and feel healthier. Just remeber that to make something a habit you need to follow it for at least two weeks.

B.Strong&Healthy 😉

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