Isometrics-get stronger using static holds

In the bodyweight training world static holds should be treated equally to the dynamics. Only combination of both type of trainings will provide the balance strenght and physique developement.

And while it is true that dynamics are more effective in building muscle. Static holds are worth paying attention too. And here is Why

  1. They strenghten unused muscles.

When performed properly positions such us the bridge, front lever or planche will train not only main muscle groups, but will also give a great workout to the small muscles that you probably didn’t even know you have. And this muscles are just as important as the one you see in the mirror.

2. They build strenght in a stretched position.

Most of the static holds require us to flex the muscle in its stretched state. This puts a lot of stress on the muscle and therefore it results in increase in overall strenght in trained muscles and may highly contribute to hyperthopy.

3. They help with muscle imbalances.

This one is quite straight forward. If you want to hold any static position for long enough you need the strenght across the whole body. Therefore as long as you keep your form in check static holds will strenghten your week parts.

4. They look impressive

To train to impress anyone is not a good motivation. But let’s be honest human flag looks cool on any photo. And it is way easier to take a photo of any static hold than in the middle of dynamics, especially explosive dynamics.

5. They produce mechanical tension and metabollic stress.

Which means that they work on two of the muscle building mechanisms. Holding a static position like for example front lever require a lot of tension. Holding it for long enough allows for the build up of metabolites. Both of theese lead to hyperthrophy

There you have it five reasons on why it is worth to work on your static holds

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