Why Plant Based diets rocks?

If you have been following me for a while now you probably know that I love plant-based food.

The V-burger

Although I was not always a plant lover. There was a time that  I couldn’t imagine a meal without an egg, cheese or a chunk of meat. Now when I look back at that time I don’t miss a thing.  And the best part is that once I started to incorporate more plant-based meals my culinary horizons have expanded. In fact, I don’t eat any of the animal products at all.  So I figured out I will share with you why plant-based diets are awesome

Plant-based meals are full of fibre.

While overloading your digestive system with fibre is definitely not a thing you want to do, a great majority of today’s world population is fibre deficient. Sadly enough this is not a popular topic. But lack of fibre in the diet contributes to digestive problems, changes in gut microbiota and build-up of artery clogs. So incorporate some plant-based meals into your daily menu. It doesn’t have to be a salad. It can be a bad-ass lentil burger or a bean stir-fry.  Have a meal like that on the day to day basis and your potential digestive issues will go away.

Reduced cholesterol levelsIMAG0970

For this one, I just want to say that, yes we all need cholesterol for proper hormonal functioning.  In fact, cholesterol is so crucial for the human body that liver controls it level. So even if you don’t consume it (plants have no cholesterol) you will be fine. In fact, your blood lipid profile will improve, and your heart condition is going to be better. You can indulge in all of the delicious plant-based meals like “pulled-pork” jackfruit tacos/burritos and cheese free mac n cheese without getting in almost any fat, no cholesterol at all and a variety of micronutrients. All just by getting a few whole food plant-based meals a day or a week.

Speeding up the metabolism

Accordingly, to many studies, plant-based diets increase the metabolic rate of those who follow them. So not only do the meals you eat make you fill fuller because of the volume of the food and fibre content but they actually allow you to consume a bit more calories. This is actually like to eat a cake and have a cake at the same time

Cancer Killer

If you ever go online to look for some cancer preventing or cancer killing diet/food you’re going to find out that the diet that has been shown to prevent cancer growth is a plant-based diet and fasting. But fasting means no food-to starve cancer. On the other hand, different types of meat are classified as carcinogens by WHO. This may be one of the reasons why people consuming less meat or no meat at all are less likely to get cancer or long-term illness

Full of micronutrients

Why were we told to eat a lot of fruits and veggies when we were little? Because everyone knows that plants (fruits veggies, nuts, seeds and legumes) are full of nutrients. Think about having a day in which all you eat are plants. Consider having a smoothie bowl for breakfast( a variety of your favourite frozen fruits topped-up with nuts, seeds and oats caramelized with maple syrup and sultanas). Jackfruit burrito for lunch, a red lentil burger or stir fry for dinner and PB&J sandwich for a snack. You pretty much hit every single RDI. You get 0% cholesterol, all the fibre you need and plenty of different flavours.

Enhanced recovery

Because of the fact that eating a lot of whole grains, legumes, veggies and fruits provide you with all of your daily recommended intake for vitamins and minerals your recovery sky-rocks. This is something that I experienced when started implementing more plant-based foods into my daily menu. I was able to train harder and progress faster in the gym. So if you’re looking for some magical recovery boosting strategy this is it!

They are exitingIMAG0963

If I think about my old meals there was usually rice or potato, a piece of meat and something green on the plate. Now my meals are full of many different colours, and every day they have a different touch to it. I am never bored with my food, but I have days when I cannot decide what type of food I want more today. So if you’re looking to expand your kitchen skills and experience new flavours I encourage you to try making some plant-based meals. Be careful though you may fall in love with them.

B. Strong& Healthy!

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