Step-up your pull-up game!

One of the best things about calisthenics is that your imagination is the roof and if you’re creative enough there is always a space for progress.

With that being said, everything starts from a good base.

Mastering the basics is crucial for further growth. Unfortunately, many gym-goers cannot perform a regular pull-up and those who can do not tend to seek any further progress. Even if your goal is a great looking body not necessarily a specific skill, messing up with new pull-up variation will definitely add a bit of freshness to your current routine.

Master the basics!imag0778_burst003.jpg

A well-performed regular pull-up is done without any kipping, from dead-hang, chin over the bar (ideally chest to the bar), pulling from the elbows.  That’s what you should keep in mind next time doing a pull-up. If your form is correct- go for harder variation!

Different ways to progressIMAG0782_BURST001

Once you’ve got a good base it is time to make the basic movement more interesting, fun and challenging. And when it comes to pull-up the possibilities are endless.

You may choose to progress towards one-arm pull-up, muscle-up and different types of the explosive pull-up.

Regardless of which way you choose, just remember that even though you’ve got the strong pull-up, beginnings in new variation can be hard. So don’t get discouraged and enjoy the journey.

How to get your first pull-up?

Okay, now a little advice for those of you who still struggle to get their chin over the bar.

Start your workouts with the progression that you can perform 3-5 reps with perfect form. Do as many sets of it as you can and finish it off with one or two sets of an easier progression that allows you to do more reps.

When I was training to get my first pull-up, I used to do 10-15 sets for 5 reps of a jumping pull-up. Wasn’t it too much? Maybe, but I think it was worth it.

Another great way to get the first pull-up or to increase your number on pull-ups is GTG.

If you have a pull-up bar at home then every time you do activity X(let’s say walking downstairs) do a few pull-ups, chin-ups, or jumping pull-ups depending on your current strength level. Remember to keep your form in check. This way you may end up doing even 100 pull-ups a day without actually feeling exhausted.

That’s all in terms of the pull-up, don’t just stop when you got your first, find a way to make it more difficult and progress! If adding weight is what you enjoy then go for it! But remember it’s not the only way to get stronger.

B.Strong&Healthy and do some pull-ups!



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