Don’t skip leg day!

Not everyone wants their legs to be big and bulky as well as not all of us wants to jump high and sprint fast some want to just look good. Regardless of in which group are you, you should never skip the leg day!

Here is why

Leg training burns a lot of calories.

Legs are the largest muscle group on our frames, therefore, proper leg training costs a lot of effort and burns a large number of calories. The more calories you burn throughout the day the more you can eat. Let’s be honest we all want to enjoy our food and stay in good shape. Hitting the leg day will help with that!

Leg training causes a big hormonal response.

Due to the fact that legs are relatively big when compared to other muscle groups, leg training usually leads to greater post-workout growth hormone and testosterone release, and even though the scientific literature doesn’t clearly state that this effect helps in overall body development  most of us know that these two hormones are what drives lean tissue growth.

They look aesthetic

Of course, everyone has different criteria of aesthetic look. However strong legs with visible muscles just make a good physique look better. Regardless of whether they’re big or slim as long as the entire body is proportional they’ll make us look more complete.

Legs are meant to be strong.

Legs can generate incredible strength and power and have high endurance. We can walk all day after day and many of us won’t feel tired the next day. Human beings aren’t made to sitting in a chair whole day. Show respect to your body and make it strong!

Building legs with calisthenics?

I love bodyweight training but if you want a bodybuilder looking legs then it is easier to achieve by doing traditional bodybuilding leg training that bases on squats.

Personally, I prefer legs that look slim and muscular and enables me to sprint fast and jump high.  And this can be easily achieved with just bodyweight. Here is an example of bodyweight leg training and hybrid leg training:

Bodyweight only

After a warm-up

Pistol squats progression 3×5-8 reps/leg 1 min rest

High Jumps 3×5-8 reps 1 min rest

Sprints 5x 100meters 1 min rest

Jumping Lunges  5x 10 per leg 30s rest

Sissy squats 3×10 30s rest

Hybrid workout:

Weighted Pistols 3×6 reps/leg 1 min rest

Front Squats 3×6 reps/leg 2-3 min rest

Weighted jumps  3×10 1 min rest

Weighted Sprints 4x 80-100m 1 min rest

Weighted lunges 3×10/ leg 1 min rest

Calf raises 3×10 30s rest

These are the workouts I like to do for my legs. Depending on the situation I will do one of them or a mix of these two. Leg training may not be the most enjoyable but it’s definitely worth doing. 

B. Strong &Healthy and don’t skip the Leg Day


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