Building Rock-Hard ABS

Abdominal muscles are one of the strongest and when well developed, one of the most impressive ones. They protect our spine and internal organs and attract eyes of the opposite sex. They also contribute to the total strength generation when performing any exercise.

So what are the best exercises to developed Rock-hard Abs?

1. Leg raises.cropped-lsit.jpeg
If I were to pick only one exercise for the front of the ABS this would be one of the first to come to my mind.
It has a lot of progressions and therefore is suitable for beginners, intermediates and advanced athletes.
You can start from knee rises on the floor and work yourself up to one arm hanging leg raises or weighted leg raises.
The most important thing when performing any of the progressions is to engage the hips, suck your belly in, and contract the muscles as hard it’s possible. Without hips engagement, this movement becomes almost a static exercise for the abs. Without sucking belly in it won’t result in tight aesthetic look, and the harder you contract the better muscle stimulation and results.
So always execute proper form!

2. Saxon’s Side bent
This movement is definitely my favourite oblique strengthening movement. And probably is the one that helped me the most in getting my first human flag. To perform this exercise grab a pair of light dumbbells, press them above your head, tilt your pelvis, bend onto one side go back to the upright position and bend onto the other side. At first, your range of motion will probably be small but as you get stronger it will increase. Don’t rotate during this exercise, keep your arms as straight as you can and imagine that you’re reaching for something that is next to you rather than bending to that side, this tip will help you make sure that you’re keeping your spine in proper position.

3. Contact Twist
In my opinion, this is the second best oblique exercise that everyone can perform.
I first saw this exercise in Pavel Tsatsouline’s book and In my opinion, there is no one that can explain it better than him there you go:

4. L-sit progression
This is my go-to when it comes to static abs exercises. There is a lot of progressions for it and therefore can be performed by everyone. It teaches whole body control and contraction and requires a bit of flexibility.

So how I train my abs?
I usually pick between two or three exercises and perform two sets of each of them.
One of these exercises is done for higher reps (12-15) while the other two for lower reps (4-6)
Sometimes I will throw there some statics for 20-30 sec.
Here is an example:
2×5 Saxon’s site bent
2×15 Hanging leg raises
2×20-30sec L-sit hold

What about other exercises like abs wheel, flags, twists etc.?

They’re all great exercises when done with proper form. However, some of them require at least some level of strength to even start working towards them ( different types of levers), while the others, in my opinion, are simply not as effective in developing strong and tight abs as the exercises mentioned above.
At the end of the day, it comes down to what you enjoy doing and whether you’re satisfied with the outcome or not.

The importance of food.
At last but not at least you can have the strongest abs in the world but if your body fat percentage isn’t low enough you won’t see them.
If you want to learn how to prepare tasty and satisfying meals that will help you to get lean check out my e-book here:

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