Things I love bodyweithg trainning for

There are plenty of ways to move your body and stay Strong&Healthy.  And even though I enjoy many of them, calisthenics has a special place in my heart. Therefore I hope that this article will encourage you to try to implement more bodyweight movements into your exercise routine.

1.  It develops an amazing body awareness.

A lot of the movements done in bodyweight training requires at least some combination of strength flexibility and balance. Because of that, they’re making us more aware of our body, its strengths, and weaknesses.

2. It can be done everywhere.pole flag

One of the biggest advantages over many other forms of activity that calisthenics has is the fact that it requires no to very little equipment.

You found a pull-up bar?

-That’s all we need!

You didn’t?

-It’s fine It’s not a necessity. 🙂

Bodyweight training can be done everywhere. The place doesn’t matter. We can do handstands, push-ups, bridges, pistols and a lot more everywhere. Our imagination is the limit.

3. It promotes a low body fat percentage.

It is no brainer that your body wants to make its life easier. And this is one of the reasons that it is harder to gain unwanted weight if the majority of your workouts is bodyweight. If you get fat it will be harder to do a pull-up, muscle-up or the human flag. If however, you get heavier because your bicep got bigger, you will probably be better on these moves.

4. It’s impressive.expl pull

Yes, I workout for myself but let’s be honest most of us want to impress at least some people in our life. There are tons and tons and even more moves/positions in calisthenics world that are simply a jaw-droppers. And the fact that makes me love bodyweight, even more, is that they’re impressive to everyone. If you bench-press 140kg, that’s impressive! But you know it, I know it but your friends that have never been in the gym can’t compare it. But if you can do a one arm pull or pose to a photo doing front lever they’re likely to be impressed.

5. It’s rewarding

Before I was doing calisthenics the core of my training was more traditional strength training. And every time I increased the weight on the bar I felt amazing, I knew I made some progress. But I will never forget my first human flag. It was far from perfect, last probably around 2sec. but it made me feel like there were no limits for me. And I still get that feeling every time I learn some new move or pose.

6. It builds great physiques and relative strength

There are many sports that create incredible and respected bodies. But in my opinion bodyweight training sculpts physiques that look like Greek sculptures. Think about gymnasts. A great majority of their training is bodyweight training and their physiques are proportional and impressive without looking as if they’ve overdone it. And if we were to compare the amount of strength they can generate from 1kg of their muscle with other sportsmen they would probably be the strongest people in the world. Does it mean that you should stop your powerlifting, swimming boxing or bodybuilding?

Of course not!

We are all different.

Do what makes you happy, Strong&Healthy.

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  1. I feel like body weight training is definitely something I want to get more into…I love reaching goals and hitting numbers in my strength training, which like you said for you previously, is the core of my workout but I’d love to start trying out some calisthenics! x


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