Tire and Hammer HIIT workout

The benefits of HIIT are well known. It is time efficient, it helps you stay fit and makes you satisfied when you complete good, all out HIIT workout.

I’m not going to talk about the benefits of HIIT and the difference between different types of cardio

In this post, I want to share with you one of the HIIT routines that I like to do from time to time (especially when it’s nice and warm outside).

It takes just 16min!

All the exercises should be performed for the 20s. After each exercise, there is a 10s rest time and then another exercise. If it is to easy you can always use harder exercises or put the mountain mask on!

Here are the exercises:

1.Sledge Hammer tire slams-20s


Use both of your hands and give it all out it is only 20s. If it is your first time using doing this exercise, don’t go for the heavies hammer there is, learn the technique and then increase the hammer size.

You’ve earned 10s of rest

2. Tire flip-20s
If it is possible, use the same tire you used in the previous exercise. Try to do as many tire flips as possible without sacrificing your technique.

Rest for 10s

3. Burpees -20s

This is the moment when it becomes way more difficult (at least for me). Try to do as many as you can

Rest for 10s

4. Push-ups-20s

In the first circuit, you may still feel invincible and go for some explosive version.- Don’t do it! Stick to regular push-ups with a perfect technique. They will become much harder in the next circuit.

Rest for 10s

5. Shadow fighting-20sshadow fighting.jpeg

This is my favorite exercise in this workout because it allows me to rest at least a bit. If you don’t know what to do in this one or you’re not a big fan of martial arts then feel free to swap it with jumping rope.

Rest for 10s

6. Medicine Ball slams-20s

The last exercise was a bit easier, time to speed up again. Go all out!

Rest for 10s

7. Jumps-20s

I like to use the tire to jump over it, but feel free to use the box or anything else that is safe to jump on it or over it.

Rest for 10s

8. Battle rope-20s
The last exercise! Try to go with the most challenging variation for you. It’s almost the end….of the first circuit

Rest for 10s

Repeat 4x

Good Job!
Now take a shower!

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