Fishless sushi

This is a slightly bit different type of post than the others – recipe post.
I am getting questions about my diet. What do I eat? How many meals per day do I eat?
I figured out that one of the best ways to answer this type of questions is sharing my recipe for vegan sushi.
This is a recipe for all you that struggle on the plant-based diet or have problems to get your calories in or want to enjoy some sushi for a reasonable price.  The entire recipe with the ingredient I used came down to 1844kcal and cost me 9,26 pounds which is not a lot for the amount of sushi I made.



Tofu-396g(it was just a block)
roasted seaweed 7 sheets
BBQ sauce 40ml
chia seeds 2g
White Rice(for all you rich fellows sushi rice ;)-270g
Red bell peppers x2(222g)
Sweet potato(147g)
Mushrooms 212g
Cucumber 1/2 (188g)

A day before your sushi feast it is good to marinate your tofu in BBQ sauce.

The first thing you got to do is get rid of excess water from your tofu. To do that just simply press it gently using a paper towel.

Then cut your tofu into sausage shape cubes and marinate in BBQ sauce(feel free to add BBQspices mix) leave tofu overnight in the fridge. Next day wash all your veggies, cut sweet potato into fries shape, and roast with tofu pieces and one bell pepper cut in half for around 30-40min in 180-degree Celsius. During the roasting time prepare your rice accordingly to instructions on the package. PRO-tip-> If you’re using regular white rice use more water than usual to make it more sticky, try to overcook it slightly. Keep an eye on your peppers cause by the time they get this black burn on the skin you want to take them out and peel off the skin. Cut your mushrooms and carrot(fries shape) and saute in the frying pan. Cut your cucumber and remaining bell pepper into thin long slices. After your rice tofu and potatoes are ready to peel off the skin from roasted pepper and cut them into tear-like shape.

Now make sure rice is not hot!

Prepare yourself a cup of cold water and a sharp knife.
Cover your sushi mat with plastic, make it tight.

To make traditional sushi(rice inside)

Wet your hand and put the shiny sight of seaweed sheet on the rolling mat. Now place your rice on the nori sheet leaving about an inch from the endings. Spread your rice evenly. Place your stuffing on the rice and roll. It’s not that hard. Roll and squeeze and repeat.
Now wet your knife and cut your roll in half. Wet your knife again and cut each half into 2 or 3 pieces wetting your knife before each slice.

To make sushi with rice on the outside.
Wet your hand and put the shiny sight of seaweed sheet on the rolling mat. Now place your rice on the nori sheet but this time cover entire sheet – don’t leave any free spaces. flip your nori sheet to the riceless side and put your stuffing there and roll again.


To decorate your sushi put a bit of chia or sesame seeds on top of your rolls.

To make fancy tuna-like rice balls just make a ball of rice with your wet hands and put your roasted bell pepper pieces on top.

Enjoy your sushi feast and make those gains.
Be Strong&Healthy!

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