Workout Protocol For Skinny Fat.

This is a part tree of  Skinny Fat Series.
In Part One I told you that skinny fat person should focus his/her training on heavy compound movements. Wheather it’s weightlifting based workout or bodyweight based workout this principle is stable.


Heavy compound movements tend to activate more muscle fibers, therefore, helps you damage more of them which will lead to greater growth in the future.
As a skinny fat, you should focus on developing big muscle groups that will make you look better instantly. I am thinking here about the chest and back primarily. This muscle groups will grow quickly among most of the people starting their gym journey if trained properly.
I recommend training heavy with low to moderate rep range and using fairly long rest periods for strength movements. This approach will result in activating big white muscle fibers which are responsible for generating the most strength and speed and gives you this athletic gymnast like look.

I am a big fan of calisthenics/street workout so my workouts are based on bodyweight movements. I believe that for skinny fat people bodyweight exercises are a great tool to use because of few reasons.

1 They are compound movements.

The great majority of bodyweight exercises are compound movements which result in developing a well-balanced physique and has benefits such as a greater hormonal response to training.

2 They are closed chained kinetic movements

As Burce Lee once said: “Simplicity is brilliance”
The basic bodyweight exercises work the best in terms of making you stronger and building muscles. Also, the basic calisthenics exercises are usually easier on joints and less likely to be done improperly than big movements with weights.

Ex.  Bodyweight rows vs Rows. It’s really hard to do any vertical bodyweight pulling progression the way that it will put your lower back in danger even when your technique isn’t perfect. During another great back focused compound exercise – Rows it’s easier to hurt yourself without proper technique.

3 They help you get rid of fat.cropped-main1.jpg

Of course in terms of losing fat nutrition is much more important than the workout but there is something in bodyweight exercises that make them especially effective in the fight against fat.
You see the human body isn’t stupid. If you want to lift your own bodyweight then it will be definitely easier if you have more muscles(which generate strength needed to lift yourself) than if you’re carrying some extra weight(fat-which is just weight). So the body wants to actually get rid of the fat to make its existence easier. What else makes it’s easier(in terms of training)?

– More muscle in the areas that they’re needed.
You see if you want to perform really heavy deadlift then some more fat maybe even beneficial for you due to the leverage and just additional weight. On the other hand, if you want to do a muscle up there is no way that you will succeed if you’re carrying too much fat. During any bodyweight, exercise bodyfat is a limiting factor.

So what should I resign from weights and switch to bodyweight?
If you’re not into it then NO, If you think you may be into it the try it.

All I’m saying is try to include different types of training in a workout routine.

Here is an example of Full body  Hybrid Workout that I would recommend to a skinny fat person.

Day 1
1.Dips progression x 4-6 reps of hardest progression you can do 10 times, 4-6 reps using second harder progression you can perform. rest time 3 min between sets
2. Incline bench press x2 sets of 8 reps using 70%of your 1RM 1-1,5min rest
3. Pull-ups progression x 4sets of 6-10reps 1-1,5min rest
4. Squat/Pistols 3sets of 6reps 1,5min rest
5. Sprints  3 times all you got. 1min rest

1. Handstand Push-ups progression x 4-6reps of hardest progression you can do 10 times,
4-6reps using second harder progression you can perform. rest time 3 min between sets.

2. Clean&Press 2setsx 8reps of your 70%RM 1-1,5min of rest.

3.Deadlift 4-6reps of your 100% of 10RM, 4-6reps of 90% of 10RM 3 min rest

4.Bodyweight rows 2sets of 8 reps of the progression that allows you to get 10 reps.

Perform this workout  on non-consecutive days

Ex.  Mon-Day1
Fri- Day1
Weekend- off
Mon -Day2.

You get the idea.

By starting from fairly light weight for you, you are allowing yourself for space to make progress further in the future. Each workout you should aim to either add rep or weight or make your form better or move to harder progression. It all depends on exercise.

After around 6-8 weeks you should hit your new PRs and then you should cycle off/deload and just start from the second workout of Day 1 and Day 2.

Ex. Week one 100kg x6 reps
Week two 102,5kg x6 reps
Week three 105kg x6 reps
Week four 107,5kg x6 reps
Week five( it’s got harder) 110kg x4reps
Week six 110kg x6 reps
Week seven 112,5kg x6 reps
Week eigth  115kg x4 reps= NEW Personal Record !!!

New cycle:
Week one 102,5kg x 6reps
Week two 105kgx6reps
Week three107,5kg x6reps
Week four 110kg x6reps
Week five 112,5kg x4reps
Week six 112,5kgx5reps
Week seven 112,5kgx 6reps
Week eight 115kgx 4reps
NEW Personal Record!!!!

blue and red superman print tank top shirt
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These numbers are random and they refer to the first set of exercises you are going to perform in the 4-6rep range. That set up will make you increase your overall strength which will transfer to the difficulty of the rest of the exercise and make you stimulate more muscle fibers and grow like a weed.

Try it out if you want to and Be STRONG&HEALTHY 🙂

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