Nutrition protocol for Skinny Fat

In part one of the skinny fat articles series I mentioned who is skinny fat and what should that Kind of person focus on.
One of the main points was the proper Nutrition protocol.

Let’s jump right to it.

Keep in mind that those are clues and probably can’t replace personal nutrition program.

Skinny Fat who are just starting their adventure with strength training can approach nutrition in two ways.

First, they can eat most of the week in maintenance and Include higher and lower calorie days. This method is quite a tricky one because It’s intuitive. But if you feel like you know your body well enough to try it go for it!

The second is the most effective method by far It will work wonder for every one of you guys struggling with a Skinny fat problem.
Recomposition Protocol.


I’ve mentioned it in the previous article but It’s Worth paying attention to.
The first thing you need to do is count your Daily calorie need.
Do it right now there are plenty of online calculators available for free.

Ok. Now after Reading my previous article, you know that there is no point in working out more than 3-4 Times per week. So if you work out 3Times per week ex. Monday Wednesday, Friday then these days are your higher calorie days. On this days you consume 400kcal on surplus this calorie should come majority from carbs. On the others, days, when you don’t workout you eat 300kcal deficit, again from carbs 😦 for some of you here, are the days When IF may Come in handy.

If you workout 4 Times per week then on this days you consume 300kcal on surplus and on other days of the week you’re staying in 400kcal deficit. Remeber that majority of this calories rotation should be done by carbs rotating.
Ok. What if I am a genetic freak and can regenerate like Wolverine/professional athlete and train 6-7 Times per week?

Then you can use carb cycling Which is a topic for Another article but then you probably are not skinny fat.

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